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QuerySet Field Lookups Reference

Field Lookups Reference

A list of all field look up keywords:

Keyword Description
contains Contains the phrase
icontains Same as contains, but case-insensitive
date Matches a date
day Matches a date (day of month, 1-31) (for dates)
endswith Ends with
iendswith Same as endswidth, but case-insensitive
exact An exact match
iexact Same as exact, but case-insensitive
in Matches one of the values
isnull Matches NULL values
gt Greater than
gte Greater than, or equal to
hour Matches an hour (for datetimes)
lt Less than
lte Less than, or equal to
minute Matches a minute (for datetimes)
month Matches a month (for dates)
quarter Matches a quarter of the year (1-4) (for dates)
range Match between
regex Matches a regular expression
iregex Same as regex, but case-insensitive
second Matches a second (for datetimes)
startswith Starts with
istartswith Same as startswith, but case-insensitive
time Matches a time (for datetimes)
week Matches a week number (1-53) (for dates)
week_day Matches a day of week (1-7) 1 is Sunday
iso_week_day Matches a ISO 8601 day of week (1-7) 1 is Monday
year Matches a year (for dates)
iso_year Matches an ISO 8601 year (for dates)