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Create AWS Account

Why AWS?

There are many providers out there that can host Django projects and PostgreSQL databases.

In this tutorial we will use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, mainly because they offer a free solution that can host both Django projects and PostgreSQL databases. All you need is an AWS account.

Note: you can choose whatever server provider you like, they will most likely all give you a satisfying result, but they will have some provider-specific settings that you should be aware of when following this tutorial.


Go to aws.amazon.com, and create an account:

Sign In

Once you have created an AWS account, it is time to sign in for the first time:

AWS Console

If this is your first time you sign into your AWS account, you will be directed to the AWS Console Home page:

Add the RDS Service

Once you have an AWS account, you can start creating a database.

We will use a database service at AWS, called RDS.

In the search field, search for "RDS", and click to start the service:

Once the service has started, you should see something like this:

In the next chapter we will create the PostgreSQL database.