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Template Filter - timeuntil


Return the time until May 17, 2050:

<h1>{{ marslanding|timeuntil }}</h1>
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Definition and Usage

The timeuntil filter returns the difference between two date times.

The default datetime to start the count is now, but you can also specify it:


Return the time until May 17, 2050, starting from the moonlanding in 1969:

<h1>{{ marslanding|timeuntil:moonlanding }}</h1>
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You can also get the difference in hours and minutes:


Return the time until 17:39, starting from 8:13:

<h1>{{ date1|timeuntil:date2 }}</h1>
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See also the timesince filter.


{{ datetime|timeuntil:comparedate }}

Template filters are defined by using a pipe | character followed by the name of the filter.

Arguments are defined by using a colon : character followed by the argument value.


Value Description
comparedate Optional. The datetime you want to compare with. Default value is datetime now.