HTML DOM Track Object

Track Object

The Track Object is new in HTML5.

The Track object represents an HTML <track> element.

Access a Track Object

You can access a <track> element by using getElementById():

var x = document.getElementById("myTrack");

Create a Track Object

You can create a <track> element by using the document.createElement() method:

var x = document.createElement("TRACK");

Track Object Properties

Property Description
default Sets or returns the default state of the track
kind Sets or returns the value of the kind attribute of the track
label Sets or returns the value of the label attribute of the track
readyState Returns the current state of the track resource
src Sets or returns the value of the src attribute of the track
srclang Sets or returns the value of the srclang attribute of the track
track Returns a TextTrack object representing the track element's text track data

Standard Properties and Events

The Track object also supports the standard properties and events.

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