JavaScript RegExp \s Metacharacter

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Do a global search for whitespace characters in a string:

var str = "Is this all there is?";
var patt1 = /\s/g;

All the spaces in the text will get a match (four matches):

Is this all there is?

Try it yourself »

Definition and Usage

The \s metacharacter is used to find a whitespace character.

A whitespace character can be:

  • A space character
  • A tab character
  • A carriage return character
  • A new line character
  • A vertical tab character
  • A form feed character

Browser Support

Internet Explorer Firefox Opera Google Chrome Safari

The \s metacharacter is supported in all major browsers.


new RegExp("\\s")

or simply:


Syntax with modifiers

new RegExp("\\s","g")

or simply:


RegExp Object Reference JavaScript RegExp Object


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