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Get coordinates of the mouse pointer, relative to the screen, when the mouse button is clicked on an element:

var x = event.screenX;     // Get the horizontal coordinate
var y = event.screenY;     // Get the vertical coordinate
var coor = "X coords: " + x + ", Y coords: " + y;

The result of coor could be:

X coords: 142, Y coords: 99

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Definition and Usage

The screenY property returns the vertical coordinate (according to the users computer screen) of the mouse pointer when an event was triggered.

Tip: To get the horizontal coordinate (according to the screen) of the mouse pointer, use the screenX property.

Note: This property is read-only.

Browser Support

screenY Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes



Technical Details

Return Value: A Number, representing the vertical coordinate of the mouse pointer, in pixels
DOM Version: DOM Level 2 Events


More Examples


A demonstration of the differences between clientX and clientY and screenX and screenY:

var cX = event.clientX;
var sX = event.screenX;
var cY = event.clientY;
var sY = event.screenY;
var coords1 = "client - X: " + cX + ", Y coords: " + cY;
var coords2 = "screen - X: " + sX + ", Y coords: " + sY;

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