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Get the color resolution of your screen:

var x = "Color Resolution: " + screen.pixelDepth;

The result of x will be:

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Definition and Usage

The pixelDepth property returns the color resolution (in bits per pixel) of the visitor's screen.

Tip: The pixelDepth property is not supported in Internet Explorer 9 and earlier versions. However, the colorDepth property represents the same thing as the pixelDepth property. Since all major browsers support colorDepth, use that property instead.

Browser Support

The numbers in the table specify the first browser version that fully supports the property.

pixelDepth Yes 10 Yes Yes Yes



Technical Details

Return Value: A Number, representing the color resolution, in bits per pixel.

Possible values:
  • 1 bit per pixel
  • 4 bits per pixel
  • 8 bits per pixel
  • 15 bits per pixel
  • 16 bits per pixel
  • 24 bits per pixel
  • 32 bits per pixel
  • 48 bits per pixel


More Examples


All screen properties in one example:

var txt = "";
txt += "<p>Total width/height: " + screen.width + "*" + screen.height + "</p>";
txt += "<p>Available width/height: " + screen.availWidth + "*" + screen.availHeight + "</p>";
txt += "<p>Color depth: " + screen.colorDepth + "</p>";
txt += "<p>Color resolution: " + screen.pixelDepth + "</p>";

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