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Return the text content of a link:

var x = document.getElementById("myAnchor").text;

The result of x will be:

Example link

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Definition and Usage

The text property sets or returns the text content of a link.

HTML elements often consists of both an element node and a text node, e.g., an  <a> element with a text that says "Click me". Use this property if you want to get or set the "Click me" text.

Browser Support

Internet Explorer Firefox Opera Google Chrome Safari

The text property is supported in all major browsers.

However, when setting the text property it is only supported in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Note: Internet Explorer 9 (and earlier versions) do not support the text property.


Return the text property:


Set the text property:


Property Values

Value Description
sometext Specifies the text content of a link

Technical Details

Return Value: A String, representing the text content of the link

More Examples


Change the text content of a link (only works in Internet Explorer 10+ and Firefox):

document.getElementById("myAnchor").text = "Click me to open example link!";

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Anchor Object Reference Anchor Object


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