Python Set Methods

Python has a set of built-in methods that you can use on sets.

Method Description
add()Adds an element to the set
clear()Removes all the elements from the set
copy()Returns a copy of the set
difference()Returns a set containing the difference between two or more sets
difference_update()Removes the items in this set that are also included in another, specified set
discard()Remove the specified item
intersection()Returns a set, that is the intersection of two other sets
intersection_update() Removes the items in this set that are not present in other, specified set(s)
isdisjoint()Returns whether two sets have a intersection or not
issubset()Returns whether another set contains this set or not
issuperset()Returns whether this set contains another set or not
pop()Removes the specified element
remove()Removes the specified element
symmetric_difference()Returns a set with the symmetric differences of two sets
symmetric_difference_update() inserts the symmetric differences from this set and another
union()Return a set containing the union of sets
update()Update the set with the union of this set and others

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