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Excel Case: Poke Mart Shop Cart

Case: Poke Mart Shop Cart

In this case we help the Poke Mart merchant to create a shop cart overview with prices, discount and total price. You will practice the skills that you have learned in the earlier chapters.

Copy values or type the following data:

Copy Values

To solve the case we need to complete the following:

  • Prices for items (C2:C8)
  • Sub total (B10)
  • Add discount (B11)
  • Total price (B13)

Are you ready?

Start by creating the first formula for Item price*Shop cart. We want the price to change when we change items in the Shop cart. Use the fill function on the range D2:D8 afterwards to save time.

Step by step:

  1. Select C2, type (=)
  2. Select B2
  3. Type (*)
  4. Select D2
  5. Hit enter

Test the formula by Typing D2(1):

Did you get C2(200)? That matches the price for one Pokeball! Good job!

We need the same formula for C2:C8, let's fill it downwards!

Note: We need relative references as we want the fill function to continue the formula to the next rows.

Fill D2:D8 to double check the prices:

That looks right!

Let us find the subtotal by using the SUM function on the C2:C8 range.

  1. Type B10(=SUM)
  2. Double click the SUM function
  3. Mark the range C2:C8
  4. Hit enter

Well done! You have successfully calculated the subtotal using the SUM function.

Next, let's add a 10% discount. Type F11(10):

Apply the discount to the subtotal:

  1. Select B11, type (=)
  2. Type (1/F11)*B10
  3. Hit enter

Note: The (1/F11) was used to change the value 10 to 0,1, which is 10%.

Subtract the discount B11 from the subtotal B10 to calculate the total.

  1. Select B13 type (=)
  2. Select the minuend B10
  3. Type (-)
  4. Select the subtrahend B11
  5. Hit enter

That is great!

You have completed all the tasks for the Poke Mart merchant.

  • Prices for items
    Range C2:D8 calculates the prices by multiplying item price and shop cart

  • Sub total
    The SUM function adds the range C2:C8

  • Add discount
    The discount is calculated by using F11(10) into the formula in B11

  • Total price
    Total price is calculated by subtracting the discount from the subtotal

Try changing the amounts in the shop cart and discount to see how the calculations adapt!

Case completed! Good job!