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Excel Tutorial

Excel HOME Excel Introduction Excel Get Started Excel Overview Excel Syntax Excel Ranges Excel Fill Excel Move Cells Excel Add Cells Excel Delete Cells Excel Undo Redo Excel Formulas Excel Relative Reference Excel Absolute Reference Excel Arithmetic Operators Excel Parentheses Excel Functions

Excel Formatting

Excel Formatting Excel Format Painter Excel Format Colors Excel Format Fonts Excel Format Borders Excel Format Numbers Excel Format Grids Excel Format Settings

Excel Data Analysis

Excel Sort Excel Filter Excel Tables Excel Conditional Format Excel Highlight Cell Rules Excel Top Bottom Rules Excel Data Bars Excel Color Scales Excel Icon Sets Excel Manage Rules (CF) Excel Charts

Table Pivot

Table Pivot Intro

Excel Case

Case: Poke Mart Case: Poke Mart, Styling

Excel Functions


Excel How To

Convert Time to Seconds Difference Between Times NPV (Net Present Value) Remove Duplicates

Guided Projects

Introduction to Excel Learn Data Calculations Learn Data Visualization Learn to Create a Budget Learn to Create a Timeline Learn to Style in Excel

Excel Examples

Excel Exercises Excel Certificate

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Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Most Useful Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

In this overview, you can find the functionalities and key combinations of the most useful Excel keyboard shortcuts.

Use keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow on Excel.

Note: Keyboard shortcuts have slight differences depending on platform.

Description Windows Mac OS
Copy Ctrl + C Command + C or Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V Command + V or Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + S Command + X or Ctrl + X
Undo Ctrl + Z Command + Z or Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y Command + Y or Ctrl + Y or Command + Shift + Z
Remove Cell Contents Delete Delete
Bold Ctrl + B Command + B or Ctrl + B
Italic Ctrl + I Command + I or Ctrl + I
Underline Ctrl + U Command + U or Ctrl + U
Fill cells down Ctrl + D Command + D or Ctrl + D
Fill cells right Ctrl + R Command + R or Ctrl + R
Insert cells Ctrl + Shift + Plus sign (+) Ctrl + Shift + Equal sign (=)
Delete cells Ctrl + Hyphen (-) Command + Hyphen (-) or Ctrl + Hyphen (-)
Save Ctrl + S Command + S or Ctrl + S
Save As F12 Command + Shift + S or F12
Print Ctrl + P Command + P or Ctrl + P
Close Window Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4 Command + W or Ctrl + W
Quit Excel Alt + F4 Command + Q
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Move and Scroll using Keyboard Shortcuts

This is an overview of key combinations used to navigate within an Excel workbook.

Note: Keyboard shortcuts have slight differences depending on platform.

Description Windows Mac OS
Navigation between cells Arrow keys Arrow keys
Navigation between unlocked cells on a protected sheet Tab key Tab key
Horizontal Scrolling Shift + scroll the mouse wheel up for left and down for right Shift + scroll the mouse wheel up for left and down for right
Access Go To Alt + G Ctrl + G
Access Find Alt + F Ctrl + F or Shift + F5
Access search while in a cell Ctrl + F Command + F
Move to the edge of the selected data region Ctrl + Arrow key Command + Arrow key
Move to the start of a row Alt + H Home or Fn + Left arrow key
Move to the start of the sheet Ctrl + Home Ctrl + Home or Ctrl + Fn + Left arrow key
Move to last used cell on the sheet Ctrl + End Ctrl + End or Ctrl + Fn + Right arrow key
Navigate one screen down Page down Page down or Fn + Down arrow key
Navigate one screen up Page up Page up or Fn + Up arrow key
Navigate one screen to the right Alt + Page down Alt + Page down or Fn + Alt + Down arrow key
Navigate one screen to the left Alt + Page up Alt + Page up or Fn + Alt + Up arrow key
Navigate the next sheet Ctrl + Page down Ctrl + Page up or Alt + Right arrow key
Navigate the previous sheet Ctrl + Page up Ctrl + Page down or Alt + Left arrow key
Scroll to active cell Shift + Tab Ctrl + Delete